Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Laundry Room Shelf Decor

basic laundry room/mud room needed dressing up
8' x 8" mdf board trimmed with 1 1/2" decorative bull nose trim
painted creamy off white, Behr paint in 'swiss coffee'
(one of my favourite off whites)
three polished nickel shelf brackets picked up at Lowes
paper towel holder from Costco
 'WASH' letters picked up at POE Design in Port Perry ON
limited edition print, The Entertainer, by T. Romance
wooden chicken wire crate to hold clothes pins, antique peanut butter jar, 
candles, white milk glass vase with faux hydrangea and sticks,
white french framed sign (wash/dry/fold/repeat)
two old washboards, white hobnail vase, flowers in glass vase
Wall colour is Benjamin Moore 'Dijon'

Dining Room Buffet Before & After

Refinished dining room buffet, 
into new tv cabinet with lots of storage for our newly finished basement
 the drawers are removed, top is sanded and refinished
with natural stain and 3 coats of satin varathane
(..the old drawers; I attached 4 casters to the bottom of each and use
them for roll out under the bed storage now..)
 newly refinished top is taped off
the bottom is primed with KILZ oil based primer (so I didn't have to sand)
 two coats of Benjamin Moore satin latex paint in 'elephant tusk'
are brushed and rolled on
new shelves are installed where center drawers were removed
 the painting is finished and the doors are reattached 
the original brass knobs and hinges were painted with oil rubbed bronze spray paint
holes are drilled into the back of the cabinet for electronic cords
I rubbed brown stain into the nooks and crannies with a rag....
waited 5 minutes and then rubbed it off,  I then reapplied stain where needed.
I finished with 2 coats of polyurethane to protect the new finish

I love this now!
the side cabinets hold remotes, movies and games and the new shelves hold electronics,
the surround sound system is installed and a new 42" TV!
still to come:  baseboards and trim
Walls are Benjamin Moore 'boardwalk' 
floor is 'maryville brown'

Hand painted Faux Slate Tile Floor

Hand painted Faux Slate Tile Floor on Concrete Floor
base coat of concrete floor paint, then 12" 'tiles' laid out using 3/4" 'frog tape'
painters tape and a yard stick to keep the lines straight.
I measured to find the centre of the area and worked out from there
I used 5 shades of acrylic paint for the tiles.
I mixed these 5 shades to create even more shades,
but basically each 12" square starts with one of the main shades
then other shades are sponged or rubbed on, to create the look of slate.
I didn't really have a plan, just varied each tile and stood back
after each one was painted to see if I liked how it was turning out
and to decide what the next tile main shade should be.

The 5 shades used were;  gray/blue, brown, light tan, deep red and white.
I used kitchen sponges, sea sponges, sponge sticks and rags
to apply the acrylic paint to create the look of natural stone.
I used disposable plastic trays from the dollar store to mix the paints in,
 the low trays make it easy to dip the sponges into the paint.

When the paint was dry, I carefully removed the tape then I used a 3/4" flat artist
brush to paint the faux grout lines free hand using a light gray paint.
Very tedious, but worth it!  
I used the piece of white foam to kneel on while I painted.

Hand painted Faux Slate Tile Floor
on Concrete basement Floor
I let the paint dry for two days before finishing with two coats of satin finish concrete sealer.  Baseboards and stair railing to come....
Very happy with the results!
It took about 16 hours from start to finish not including the base coat.
Now it just needs the baseboards and stair railing installed!

Para SuperGrip epoxy fortified acrylic enamel for floors
was used as the base coat on the entire basement floor.
Can be tinted any shade, I used Benjamin Moore 'Maryville Brown'
2 coats covered beautifully!
The walls are Benjamin Moore 'Boardwalk'

The stair runners are jute rectangles secured with two way carpet tape -
easily lifted or changed.  I didn't want to commit to a laid down runner with staples and bars...I love the walnut wood steps and didn't want to cover them too much.
I like the rustic quality of the jute and it's simple to sweep off.  I don't have to drag out the vacuum cleaner.  Have I mentioned how much I HATE to vacuum!

Railing finished and baseboards (almost finished) 
one year later and the floor paint is just as good looking!  So Happy!!!
 the rest of the basement...more baseboards still to come!
 the fireplace and tv area
the gym and lounge area (bar not shown)

So ...  I was asked how I decided on painted concrete....well, this is a big walkout basement and we live on a lake where the water table is high and we really didn't know when we moved in 2 1/2 years ago if we were going to have water problems or dampness in the basement.  It is Ontario and we sometimes get alot of snow which means alot of melting in the spring.  Hardwood or laminate was out until we really knew if we were going to have water in the basement.  Did I mention how much I HATE to vacuum???  Wall to Wall carpeting, while it would have been warm and cozy and beautiful, was definitely out.   Area rugs were as far I was willing to go!  AND most importantly...drum roll please....I am frugal!  I never pay full price for anything and if I can do it myself, even better!  The gym area has 2x2 rubber floor tiles from Costco covering the floor under the exercise equipment. Total cost of the paint for the floor was under $150. for three gallons of floor paint, 1 gallon of sealer and various artist's acrylic paints for the 'tiles'.  Down the road, if I want to change it, no big deal.  There is nothing to rip out.  I can just paint over it.